Experience the warmth of our people, welcoming you home with genuine smiles and a friendly ‘Bula’ to enjoy the beautiful islands of Fiji.

You’ll discover a range of experiences so wide that you may find it hard to know where to begin! That’s where we can help you. From family fun, to romantic escapes, adventure tours and luxury private charters we can help you discover the perfect Fiji for you.

Admire the beauty, revel in the culture, absorb the history, play the sports, taste the food and enjoy the peace; flop on the beach or embark on an adventure – whatever you are looking for, you will find it in Fiji!


Many sought after experiences are found right here in Fiji, allowing you to check off numerous to-dos from even the most impressive bucket list. Landlubbers and water babies alike will enjoy exploring Fiji’s breath-taking beauty from above or below the surface.

Whether you are an active lone ranger, a group on a quest for adventure, or a family with a pint size daredevil in tow, Fiji truly offers something for everyone. With so much to see and do, try and taste, learn and experience, Fiji can keep the mildly inquisitive to the flat out adventurous active from dawn until dusk.

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Decide to get off the beaten track and discover things your own way, or be guided through your experience as part of an organised tour. Satisfy your sense of adventure as you charge down thundering rivers in an inflatable raft or along rugged terrain in an off road buggy; enjoy panoramic views as you parasail over the calm South Pacific Ocean, or turn up the thrill factor and take a bird’s eye view of the islands as you hurl yourself out of a plane and into an adrenalin charged free-fall.

Take a gentle snorkel from shore to explore the vibrant coral reefs, as scuba divers below enjoy the discovery of cryptic reef dwellers. All while the game fishers remain topside searching for an elusive marlin.


Fiji is renowned as a paradise with friendly welcoming people. All this and much more makes Fiji the ultimate fantasy and challenge for backpackers, budget and free-spirited independent travelers. Experience a different and unique side of Fiji! If you are willing to travel off the beaten track and enjoy the unspoiled and mostly undiscovered beauty spots, then Fiji’s outer islands are the perfect place to travel.

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Fiji’s Hideaways are for honeymooners, divers, backpackers, families, nature-lovers, independent travelers and tour groups. In fact anyone with the spirit of adventure and curiosity The Yasawas boasts an impressive network of budget accommodations, all of which provide clean, comfortable amenities in stunning locations and are situated minutes from each other by boat. Each property is owned and operated by a local family, and offers authentic Fijian hospitality.


Dubbed the “Soft Coral Capital of the World”, Fiji’s flamboyant coral reefs boast a diversity of habitat and marine life that even dive greats call paradise.

The maze of brilliant coral reefs surrounding our 333 islands include the ‘Great Sea Reef’ and the ‘Great Astrolabe Reef’; some of the longest coral reefs in the world.

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World-class dive sites and an abundance of PADI or SSI affiliated dive operators are scattered throughout Fiji’s main dive regions.

Over 1000 species of fish and several hundred types of corals and sponges blooming with flower-like beauty will have you aching to discover the wondrous, alien world beneath the waves.

Whether you crave the adrenalin of a heart-pumping shark dive, are keen to explore infamous sites like the ‘Great White Wall’, or log your next dive adventure on a liveaboard, we promise that diving in Fiji is well-worth the plane ticket.


While most of Fiji’s waves break onto the reef and are therefore better for the more experienced surfer, surf schools and beach breaks are also available for keen learners and rookies. You can mix it up on a variety of left and right-handers and are quite often sharing waves with only a handful of fellow wave warriors. No line-up necessary!

Fiji is best known in the surfing world for the iconic Cloudbreak. Attracting scores of surfers each year, even the pros flock to Fiji to surf the incredible 20 foot super swells often enjoyed. International competitions also draw the crowds as spectators gather to watch world champions surf through the heats to be crowned king or queen of the waves.

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Hiring boards or buying equipment and clothing is super simple; you can even invest in an authentic Fiji surf board designed and hand crafted in the islands, blending traditional carving methods with modern technologies.

Windsurfers and kiteboarders alike also love holidaying in Fiji. The warm 15-30 knot south-easterly trade winds blow best and most consistently from April to January and the sandy shallow beach slopes dotted around the country are perfect for all levels to take off from.

Stand up paddle surfing is also popular in Fiji. Never tried it before? Why not give it a go? You can stay at a dedicated surf resort or join daily trips out to the waves from the mainland – heck, you could even charter a yacht and sail to Lau to in search of remote, undiscovered waves to surf if you wanted to! Grab your board – surf’s up!


The islands of Fiji are numerous – 333 of them (or thereabouts!). Exploring is relatively easy with a great range of transport options available to help you get around. Renting a car gives you the freedom to explore to your own timetable. With so much to see and do and beautiful coastal roads to drive along, this is a popular choice for many a visitor. If you like the idea of ‘making like a local’ and giving Fiji’s public transport system a try, local buses run continuously and you will even find some ‘road and sea’ options that include an interisland ferry ride. Taxis are cheap and reliable and can be hailed with a simple eyebrow raise – don’t believe that? Try it!

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But if you prefer to leave the planning and coordination to someone else so that you can just sit back and enjoy the view, there are many great tour operators who offer fantastic sightseeing trips for the chance to see a wide range of what Fiji has to offer in one go. Alternatively, trips can be tailor-made if you’d prefer something a little more personal. Organised tours will often include trips that may otherwise be tricky to coordinate such as remote villages and unique outer islands. You’ll find a wide range of tours to suit your taste and budget; from eco to adventure, sightseeing to historical, cultural to culinary and everything in between. Where in Fiji will you explore?